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The drawing, the tree, the wood, the sculpture and then the bone

Self-taught, I started my artistic journey with drawing and painting. Over time I ended up going into "matter", creation in volume. 

Arborist climber by trade, navigating from tree to tree, bathing daily in shavings and the scent of wood, woody material has become obvious, to re- evaluate these trees that I have climbed or felled.

Little by little, over the sculptures and increasingly diversified tools, my sculptures are refined, and I have been more and more comfortable in this art of wood.

The idea of sculpting dinosaur skulls was born from a mixture of passion for biology and paleontology, and a good start in the "Jurassic Park" generation!

The infantile frustration of not having in my home the fossilized testimonies of these mythical animals that have disappeared was a powerful engine of creation!


Today, independent sculptor and arborist-climber ( )

my time is divided between arboricultural expeditions and artistic journeys in the field.

For all orders or request for quotation:
0033 6 24 45 01 99


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Artist author
Siret number: 902592930 00017

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