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wood ...


Arborist-climber by trade, I have the opportunity to work with local woods, from my sites.

Maple, holly, hawthorn, fruit trees, boxwood, cedar ... European wood treasures!


The workshop ...

The nest of ideas, the cocoon of possibilities.

Located on the edge of the forest, but close enough to the trees to benefit from their shade, it is made of odds and ends. A wood stove for the winter, and I can stay there for hours on end, time has run out ... 


The tools...

From the trunk of a tree that I cut, I use the chainsaw, the ax and the wedges to split.

A very small chainsaw takes over for the first roughing of the form.

Then I refine with traditional hand tools and power tools.  


Tools that we no longer present ... They have hardly changed shape since the first bronze examples. I have a weakness for Japanese and Swedish-made tools, whose steel quality is currently unmatched! 


These are a little older.

In recent years we have seen the appearance of a wide range of milling machines and special wood carving bits adaptable to disc grinders.  Very efficient and easy to handle,

it is not the same pleasure as with hand tools, but the time saving is considerable!

We owe them to the Americans and Australians.

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