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Wooden bones ...

Dinosaur bone sculpture shop .
A passion that has not left me since childhood.

I try to be as realistic as possible in the interpretation of these prehistoric artefacts.

They are simply impregnated with walnut oil, and coated with natural beeswax.
Here are presented original creations, or personalized orders.

Those which do not have the mention "SOLD" are still available.

I can adapt to your budget, and I work on all past and present animal species.


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velociraptor mongoliensis

Sycamore maple wood, holly plinth
Dimensions, without the base  (Length-height-width)  : 15- 23- 12 cm
Price: 350 €

Therizinosaurus cheloniformis

Holly wood, sycamore maple claws, boxwood base
Dimensions, without the base (Length-height-width): 46 - 20- 20 cm
Price: 420 € 

Small Protoceratops

Holly wood, goose egg, sycamore maple base
Dimensions, without the base (Length-height-width): 11 - 3 - 2.5 cm
Price: 150 € 

Dilophosaurus wetherilli

Sycamore maple wood, metal base
Dimensions, without the base (Length-height-width): 80 -22- 10 cm
Price: 2050 € 

Velociraptor mongoliensis